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Businesses from large corporations to small enterprises are converting some or all of their data in the traditional accounting software installed on their desktop computer to cloud based computing software and services to be more competitive due to its many benefits.

So, what does cloud accounting offer a business that is used to traditional accounting system?

No Need to Rip and Replace
Cloud accounting software can run on existing your computer hardware. This means that you can switch from traditional to cloud accounting without any costly upgrades or additions to your existing infrastructure.

Lower Operational Costs and Predictable Overheads
Cloud accounting software offers a simple and easy to understand pricing scheme that allows for easy month by-month budgeting, or annually to get more attractive offer. Furthermore the expenses on cloud accounting is PIC claimable. You no longer a need to spend huge capital on assets that will depreciate every month. This will lead to a reduction in rack space, power consumption, and IT overheads. You will gain by having lower installation, maintenance, hardware, upgrade, and support costs. For small businesses, these savings are quite significant and the savings can be redirected and put into other business-enhancing areas. Furthermore, there is a 30 days, no obligation free trial for you to try on if this accounting solution is suitable for small business accounting.

Accessibility and Flexibility
With cloud accounting software you have the ability to access and modify your accounting data in real time, issue invoices from any number of devices in any location. Usually, if something has been saved on a personal computer, you can only access the file from that particular computer. This is restrictive. Instead, you and your employees can gain user access from anywhere, at any time of the day, making everybody more productive. If you use cloud accounting, your team can access to your financial data even when not physically in the office. This means that your office space can be smaller, which of course means lower rent!

Better Collaboration
Improves collaboration between you (business owners), your team, and your accountant when you go online accounting.

Have you ever lost your laptop or had it stolen? If you store all of your data on a laptop or mobile device, this information can be easily stolen and accessed. However, if you use cloud accounting, your laptop merely becomes a device through which you access your work – the data itself cannot be stolen with the laptop because you require your user name and password to get into the cloud where your accounting data is stored. QuickBooks Online has been available greater than 99.8% of the time. The  system has redundant servers and a self-correcting error detection program. Intuit's employees, assisted by automated tools monitor service performance 24/7, 365 days a year. The system is housed in Data Centers, which is monitored 24/7 by full time security staff, CCTV surveillance, and alarms.

Support, Automatic Updates, and Server Maintenance
When you go on cloud accounting software, you never have to worry about software upgrades  forgetting to backup your accounting data. All this are done automatically and best of all at no extra charge to you!

Stop waiting, start asking how

We’re excited to be able to provide and present such innovative and efficient program to . This can be provided at a reduced rate from us or bundled in with our Monthly Cloud Accounting Service Packages . We can assist you on your QuickBooks Online implementation:
- QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscription packages
- Monthly email on-the-job training and support
- QuickBooks Online (QBO) set up including setting up Chart of Accounts, Multicurrency, GST, Inventory
- Accounts review and clean up

We are certified Quickbooks Pro Advisors and Certified Xero Advisors, and can help you with your next installation at your business. Integration is an important step in the implementation life cycle of your business. It’s important to ensure that the right steps are taken to ensure you can make the right choice of Cloud Application is selected, but also the implementation is a success.