Corporate Tax – Preparation And Filing Services for corporations


As entrepreneurs and business owners, any business decisions you make will have tax implications, and it is important for any company to manage their  tax requirement efficiently.

EnterpriseBizpal will keep you abreast of developments that may affect your business. We will work closely with you to identify and implement tax strategies that will be most suited for your business.

Our fees for corporate tax services are as follow:

Type of  taxation service Fee
Corporate Tax computation and income tax return filing with IRASfrom $350
Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Cash  Grant Submissionfrom $200 per submission

Why so many companies do business in Singapore?

Corporate tax rate in Singapore is probably one of the most competitive in the world, currently at 17%. To incentivize entrepreneurship, the effective tax rate is much lower for qualifying new registered companies.

Some highlights about Singapore’s corporate tax,

  ThumbsUp -  The headline corporate income tax rate is currently at 17%.

  ThumbsUp -   For the first 3 years, qualifying new registered companies, benefit from full tax exemption:


ThumbsUp -  Partial tax exemption benefits for all the Singapore companies for the first $300,000 of profit.


ThumbsUp -  No tax on capital gains. If the Singapore trading company has income like foreign exchange of capital transactions or sale of property, this is gain is free of tax.

ThumbsUp - No tax on income earned overseas if the overseas country has headline tax rate of more than 15%.

ThumbsUp - When Singapore companies distributes dividends to its shareholders, shareholders do not need to pay taxes for the dividend received.

Our Fees Starts From $350

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How our corporation tax services can help you?

As business owners, we understand that you, like all business owners, desires to maximize business profits by minimizing tax expense. will work together with you to understand your SIATP member - business activities so that we can apply our tax knowledge to arrive at the best solution to minimize your tax expenses. Our taxation experts are accredited tax professionals who are members of SIATP

For new registered companies, we can maximise the tax exempt profits in your first 3 years of operations, by deferring your claims for fixed assets.