Xero Accounting Services

Xero Accounting Services: Empowering Your Business in the Cloud

Xero, the cloud-based accounting software, is tailor-made for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), accountants, and bookkeepers. It’s more than just accounting; it’s a comprehensive solution that streamlines essential business tasks. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. Efficiency and Collaboration:

    • Xero allows seamless information sharing and collaboration. With centralized data storage, you can collaborate with anyone, anytime.
    • Link your bank accounts to gain real-time insights into your cash flow and reconcile accounts effortlessly.
  2. Smart Decision-Making:

    • Access sophisticated business reports with real-time data from any device as long as the device has internet access. Make informed decisions confidently.
    • Xero ensures convenience and security, so you can focus on growing your business.
  3. Integration with Third-Party Apps:

    • Xero integrates seamlessly with over 1000 third-party apps. From CRM to payroll, inventory, eCommerce, and payments, all your data resides on one platform.
    • Get more done efficiently, even while on the move.

Xero accounting services - certified advisor


EnterpriseBizpal is a certified Xero Advisor and reseller of Xero cloud accounting software.

Let us help you discover the power of Xero accounting services – where efficiency meets innovation.


Xero All-In-One Online Accounting Services

Xero Online Accounting Services package - Increase your accounting productivity by moving to the cloud

Our All-In-One Xero Accounting Software & Service Package at $185 per month provides you with

1. Xero online accounting software Subscription (Standard Plan),Xero online accounting services Singapore

2. Xero online accounting software setup

3. Xero online accounting software on-the-job training via email support from Xero Certified Advisors,

4. Income Statements, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statements,

5. Unaudited Financial Statement for financial reporting,

6. Corporate Tax computation, ECI and Form C or CS,

7. Named Company Secretary to provide your with corporate secretarial service,

8. Standard AGM and Annual Return

*This package does not include bookkeeping and bank reconciliation. All accounting transactions are to be input by the client directly into Xero.

If you require us to provide data entry and bank reconciliation in addition to having access to Xero and the all-in-one package as above, please also see our bookkeeping services fees which you can add on to this package.

Optional add-on services:

- GST Filing - $150 per quarter
- Payroll - $200 one time set-up charge, thereafter $30 per employee per month, subject to a minimum charge of $90/month
- Bookkeeping and Bank reconciliation - $100 per 25 transactions
- Upgrade to Xero online accounting software - Premium Plan for multicurrency support - $20 per month
- Audited Company - monthly charge is multiple by 2 to support audit


- A $1,480 deposit is required upfront. This deposit will be set-off against the monthly package fees. Once your deposit account is depleted, we will bill on 4-months billing cycle payable in advance
- Subscription is counted from the beginning of the company's financial year
*Transaction is counted as every line item (deposit and withdrawal) in the monthly bank statements.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Xero Accounting Services

What is the system requirements?
-Device Flexibility: Access Xero seamlessly from your phone, tablet, or desktop/laptop computer. Collaborate with multiple users, regardless of their location.
-Browser Compatibility: Xero works smoothly on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.
Accountant Collaboration
While you don’t need an accountant to use Xero, we recommend working with one. Accountants and bookkeepers can enhance your business success. EnterpriseBizpal has helped many SME to successfully transition to Xero.
Setup Duration
The setup time varies based on your bespoke needs. It could range from half a day to a week. During your initial consultation with our certified advisors (free and obligation-free), we’ll discuss the specifics.
Bank Statement Feed
We love the idea too! But rest assured, we’ll never ask for your online banking login credentials. Keep those secure for your peace of mind.
On-Site Setup
Typically, setup occurs off-site. However, some integrations may require on-premises work. These instances are rare due to the nature of cloud technology.
Data Migration and Retention
If you’re transitioning from different bookkeeping software, fear not! Xero allows you to seamlessly bring over some transactional data into your new setup. This ensures that all your essential information resides in one place.
However, if you prefer not to migrate historical data, we can still set up your Xero account using opening balances and comparative balances for reporting purposes.
For desktop software users, as long as you have backups, you can always review your old information by loading the software.
Ideal Timing for Transition
The best time to switch to Xero accounting software is typically at your financial year-end. Why? Because existing bookkeeping is usually up-to-date, making it easier to prepare year-end accounts. Fewer additional accounting costs are incurred when setting up opening balances for the new software.
Alternatively, consider transitioning at a GST quarter end. While this requires extra work to calculate and input opening balances, it ensures that your bookkeeping is complete and fully reconciled.
Desktop Version and Cloud Accessibility
Xero operates exclusively in the cloud; there is no desktop version. You won’t find an offline Xero application.
All you need is an active internet connection and a supported browser. Xero automatically upgrades, ensuring you’re always using the latest version without any business downtime.
Integration with Other Applications
Xero boasts an extensive ecosystem with 1000+ applications available in its App Store.
You can seamlessly integrate Xero with add-ons and third-party applications for tasks like data migration, CRM systems, payroll management, and time tracking. Optimize your workflow effortlessly.
Employee Access and Permissions
Once your business is set up in Xero, you can invite employees to collaborate.
Customise user access for each employee, granting them permissions only to the relevant areas needed for their work.
Your Xero company can be accessed by any number of users, making collaboration efficient and secure.