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We specialize in providing a range of affordable accounting & bookkeeping services to help start-ups, small and medium sized Singapore companies/businesses.

We know that the daily operations of a small business can keep you fully occupied with work. In addition, the seemingly endless amount of numbers to analyse, bookkeeping to balance and bank account statements to reconcile.

Why not adopt what Multi National Companies (MNC) have been doing for years – outsourcing?

You can cut back on a large chunk of your day to day workload by outsourcing your accounting function to a professional accounting firm.

Especially for start-ups and small companies with limited employees that want to reduce cost by lowering their overheads,  EnterpriseBizpal is your No. 1 choice to look for when you outsource your accounting & bookkeeping service, income tax filing and the annual return filing.

We can provide you with accounting services, bookkeeping services, company secretarial and corporate tax services – we keep your accounts and handle your ACRA and IRAS statutory compliances while you run and grow your the company.

When you outsource your business accounts to us, you….

  •   Reduce up to 50% on your Accounting/Bookkeeping Cost!
  •   Expand your Business. No worries about manpower.
  •   No need to teach new accounts employee. EVER.
  •   Accounting, ACRA and IRAS Return.  One-Stop-Service Provider.
  •   100% Confidentiality of Information.

If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you're putting yourself out of business

Lee Kuan Yew

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Accounting Is Crucial to Singapore Companies?
It is very important that the public and other stakeholders remain confident in the quality, reliability, and relevance of your company’s financial statements report. It is for this reason that accounting services & bookkeeping services are very much needed. In addition, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority or ACRA has started a Financial Reporting Surveillance Programme to ensure quality to prevent poor financial reporting that leads to inaccurate information and/or non-compliance with prescribed accounting standards.
Directors' Responsibilities in Financial Reporting
Directors under sections 2011A 2013 and 2013A of the Companies Act are responsible to present at their annual general meeting financial statements that are prepared in accordance with Accounting Standards issued by the Accounting Standards Council and provide a true and fair view of the protability and the financial status of of the company.

Furthermore it is imperative that directors of a company incorporated in Singapore maintain a system of internal accounting controls Internal control means the safeguarding of the companys assets cash flow keeping proper accounting and other records that will lead to the preparation of accurate income statement and balance sheet to represent a true and fair reporting of the company's financial situation Hence directors should carefully choose the accounting services needed to fit their operations.

In order to carry out these financial reporting duties financial literacy is expected of directors as well as the ability to review financial statements Directors are to have sufficient and uptodate knowledge of the accounting principles and practices to understand and review effectively the financial statements Otherwise directors are strongly encouraged to attend training and/or seek help.

How Accounting Professionals Can Help
Directors can be very much helped by the accounting services in Singapore by services offered by professional accountants, bookkeepers, auditors, management accountants, tax experts, and company secretaries. These professionals can assist directors or management, exercise care, perform with competence, and review with diligence the financial statements that are presented to shareholders and subsequently filed with ACRA and IRAS.

Directors should read, enquire, and understand the forms and contents of the financial statements and make sure that the information is clear, consistent, complete, and in accordance with the prescribed accounting standards.

Areas of Accounting Services
• Bookkeeping - Bookkeeping being the foundation of all the reporting, analysis, and interpretations should be accurate and up to date. Accounting & bookkeeping services companies like EnterpriseBizpal have accounting software systems that are user friendly and cost effective for client companies.

• Financial Reporting - This service makes sure that all accounts are measured and recorded according to standards; that these accounts are fairly presented in the statement of income, statement of financial position, statement of cash flows, statement of changes in owner’s equity; and adequate disclosures and reporting consistency being complied with.

• Payroll - this service involves the maintenance of payroll records and preparing payroll slips for employees. The service involves computation of salary, commissions, overtime etc and deductions such as employer CPF, employee CPF tax, etc.

• Auditing and assurance - Auditors looks into the works of financial accounting and reporting and does the attest function. Auditors examine the books of accounts and other related data; render any of the four opinions in their auditors’ report to include unqualified opinion, qualified opinion, disclaimer, or an adverse opinion.

• Taxation – This service on the other hand, is engaged in the compliance with the rules and regulations of the taxing authority.

• Company secretarial – This services can also be provided by the accounting service companies to assist directors in meeting the statutory regulations pertaining to the company.

In what ways might accounting services benefit my company?
Every firm, regardless of size (small or large, national or international), can use some form of accounting services.

Accounting provides you with information about your company's general financial health, provides a precise analysis of your cash flow, highlights areas for expansion, and keeps you organized and precise when it comes to tax filing. Accounting may also assist your business prosper.
How does outsource bookkeeping work?
You and your business can get effective accounting and tax submitting services from Enterprisebizpal.

With outsourced accounting solutions from Enterprisebizpal, you can concentrate on your business-related concerns because our qualified accounting team will assist you with all necessary tasks throughout the fiscal year, including preparing income statements, maintaining fixed asset schedule, bank account reconciliation, filing income tax returns, and more.

Quickbooks Online, Xero, Hubdoc, and other cloud software programs are tools that our accounting firm's uses in a fully automated and paperless financial processes. While Xero and Quickbooks Online Software provide digital solutions for all of your spending, financial transactions, invoices, and accounting records, Hubdoc offers pre-accounting solutions by extracting information from the images of our clients' receipts. If you have any concerns or have any queries with the accounting software, you can get in touch with our accountant. Your queries will be answered by our team of accountants, who have years of training and experience with analyzing and producing reports for accounting services in Singapore. To get started, give us a phone or send us your email , and a member of our accounting team will contact you for a free consultation and price quote.