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We can help you your new company registration quickly and ensure that your new Singapore company comply with existing law and regulations, in Singapore this is the Companies Act.

As a new and upcoming entrepreneur, you can then focus on your new company’s business activities and plans to quickly grow your business.
Why should you consider a private limited company for your business?
Private Limited Company is the most popular form of business entity in Singapore. It has a separate legal status from its shareholders and directors. This imply that you will have limited liabilities for the debts and losses of the company. It usually has the words ‘Pte Ltd’ as part of its name.

As a registered company, incorporated in Singapore,
- ENJOY protection of personal assets and limiting your company liabilities i.e. reducing your personal risk
- ENJOY large corporate tax savings. For new companies, the first $200,000 of profit qualifies for tax exemption for startup companies with the effective rate at 6.37% for three years. Thereafter, your first $200,000 taxable profit enjoys partial tax exemption with the actual tax rate below 9%.
- ENJOY exemption from audit for your company as an exempt private company if the company turnover is below $10 million
- EASIER to raise funds for your capital as you can sell company shares to investors and take loan from banks

Our $688.00 New Company Registration Package* includes:

* Professional fees for incorporating company
* ACRA company name check, reservation and fees
* ACRA incorporation fee of $315
* FREE standard memorandum & articles of association
* FREE first directors meeting minutes
* FREE share certificates
* FREE company business profile
* FREE e-notice of Incorporation **
in addition
* FREE 6 months nominee named corporate secretary [UP $400.00 per year]
* FREE reminder alerts of filing deadline for 1 year
* FREE 1 month Cloud accounting software

*Terms & Conditions apply:
- A company must have at least 1 Singapore resident ie. Singapore citizen / Singapore permanent resident / entrepreneur pass holder to act as a director in the company.
- Company with more than 4 persons in the company structure will be at $25 per additional person.
- Company Secretary retainer fee for subsequent years is S$400 per annum (inclusive of Annual General Meeting and Annual Return document)
- Registered address service fee of $180/yr applies. A deposit of $100 for mail forwarding is required. Mail forwarding is $2.00+postage per mail.
- Additional charge of $100 for converting sole proprietorship to private limited company.
- Additional charge of $100 for incorporation with corporate shareholder
- Kindly inform us should you intend to register for GST after incorporation
- If you require pre-incorporation meeting to clarify your doubts, there will be a $150 charge for the first hour and $100/hr from the 2nd hour onwards. Fee of $150 is payable in advance prior to meeting date.
** There will be additional charges of $150 should you require a hardcopy of official certificate of incorporation from ACRA

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Procedure for new Company Registration
Registration procedure for businesses in Singapore is done entirely online by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority or ACRA. Therefore, the incorporating in Singapore process is fast and efficient which takes 1-2 days only for a business to incorporate normally. The steps in the Singapore company registration procedure include: Approval of Company Name and the Incorporation. Both steps can be done on the same day provided there are no obstacles as determined by ACRA.
Name Reservation
Name reservation is the first step upon applying for new company registration as a business in Singapore. The approval by the company registrar, ACRA is needed for the company name. If you appoint us, we will submit your chosen company name with the authority as the initial move in the incorporation process. For a faster name approval, one has to make sure that the name is never similar or identical to names of existing companies; that it does not conflict with any existing trademarks; the name chosen must also not be outrageous or vulgar; and that it has not yet been reserved. The chosen name will be reserved for up to two months from the application date. There is a fee if $15.00 to reserved the name.
Register a Singapore Company
The filing of the request for incorporation is usually made the moment there is approval of the business name. Once signed by the officers and the documents are ready, the new company may now be registered. An amount of S$300 registration fee is payable to ACRA upon incorporating as a company. As soon as the company is incorporated and registered with ACRA, the former is informed through e mail of the company’s registration. If the soft copy of the notification is not enough and a printed copy is preferred, a request online can be made to the Registrar of Companies. An amount of S$50 for the hard copy can be paid and the printed certification can be collected the following day. A business certificate that contains the details of the business is available from the Registrar of Companies by making a request on line for a fee. The details include: the name and registration number; former company names, if there are any; the incorporation date; principal activities; paid up capital; and the registered address.
After the company is registered, what are the next steps....
Once the company has been registered, the business registration profile or certificates and the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Associations are documents produced upon registration. These papers are required to apply to open a corporate bank account, apply for business licenses, office lease agreements, and installation subscriptions with utility companies etc. Other items needed after the registration of a company include: certificates of shareholders, register or a record of shares granted to each of the shareholders, and a company seal and stamp, First Board meeting etc

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